Hutchco: Dedicated supplier of edging materials for a large cross-section of the furniture manufacturing industry.

27 years of sourcing from Europe gives us immediate new product development that meet the demands of an ever changing landscape of design and architectural needs.

Our substantial range of PVC & ABS edging match all colours, patterns & metallics, offered by New Zealand's major panel product procedures.
In addition we offer multi & single layered wood veneer edging in continuous roll format, along with hotmelt adhesives and melamine paper edgebanding,


Welcome to Hutchco

Hutchco - your edging solution.

Hutchco’s beginning goes back to 1986 and has always been dedicated to edgebanding solutions to the furniture industry. With the total backing of our trusted suppliers we have the distinct advantage of extending their technical and commercial resources to offer our clients superior quality, reliability and innovation.

Our objective is the satisfaction of our clients with whom we want to establish long term business relationships for mutual benefit. We are therefore committed in collaboration with our customers to continuously improving the quality and innovation of our products, the competitiveness of the proposed solutions, the reaction time to queries and the overall characteristics of our services.

Health and environment is our priority

Our European certified quality edging is manufactured under strict environmental laws enforced by the reach programme.

The aim of Reach (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemicals) is to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.


Proadec produced premium grade edging materials are free of all VOC’s Mercury, Barium, Cadmium nor plasticizers and solvent free in the use of inks.

For further information on all our PVC and ABS materials please click on the environmental info page. Click here for more info